Fleawhere (Formerly For Flea Sake); As Singapore’s most frequent and largest flea organiser, we’ve got flea markets ongoing every day! Being a company that specialises in flea markets for 5 years, we have rebranded our company to stay as a relevant and strategic partner to our clients, vendors, shoppers and sponsors. We will be dedicated our efforts to discovering new fleas and improving new business and spaces for our shoppers to flea at!

Invade Industry Pte Ltd


Fleawhere. Everywhere. Every day.


We will improve, not just by doing flea for the sake of it, but dedicating to quality flea, wherever you go, whenever you are free. A place where you will flea, when you are flea. Free to flea :)


Other than organizing flea markets, we provide:

  1. Additional publicity and increased awareness for venues via flea market events.
  2. Consultation and management for flea markets and online stores.
  3. Development of conceptual markets to cater to different requirements and needs.
  4. Contribution and collaboration with NGOs and charity organizations for the local community.