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Free or trooper?

What's a Trooper account?

Trooper account is a premium vendor membership. By being a Fw Trooper, vendors will enjoy many more perks and benefits such as owning a mini page in Fw website. View more details.

What's the difference between free vendor account and trooper account?

While all Fw accounts allow you to book a booth with us, only Troopers enjoy a whole lot of benefits!

What happens when my Trooper account expires?

All Trooper perks will immediately be withdrawn until you choose to extend. But why would you want it to expire when it's so cool to be a Trooper...

How do you determine expiry dates?

The length of your Trooper subscription will start from the date of extension or your existing expiry date, whichever is later. This means you can extend any time without worries.

Payment methods

Credit/debit card or paypal

Payment will be via Paypal only. Paypal accounts are not required and you may simply use a credit/debit card to make payment.

In the event that you are unable to make payment with a card, please try another card or create a Paypal account for your convenience in future.